Sunday, October 19, 2008

Five Days Off. . .

This is the beginning of the five days that my family dreads the most. The five days a month I have to go off the wonder drug progesterone to maintain the effectiveness. So I have a few strategies to not commit any violent crimes during these five days.

Of course I try to get outside as much as possible. I'm hoping to clean up the garden and trim a bunch of bushes. Hopefully this will work, although I have a lot of sewing to do for my church group, and of course this is canning season which also keeps me inside. Steve's gone this week to Austin, which is good news for him. Then he's going to Utah to bond with his brothers, Alex and Parents. So he's out of firing range, except for e-mails and phone.

My best strategy is to not overbook. This is not always successful, since I'm not only the progesterone queen, I'm also the queen of ten pounds in a five pound bucket. This week promises to be busy. . .swimming for Sophie, enrichment board meeting and sewing class to teach for me, and a concert for Maren on Wednesday which means all of us gone Wednesday evening.

During this week it's really important for me to plan in nap time, (which is always a plan for me), because without the progesterone I don't sleep very well. I was talking to my Aunt Lois, who's 74. She is still on progesterone and it helps her sleep too.

I try to be extra careful about what I eat. Sadly like PMS, there is "times of the month" during menopause where I crave more carbs and all the things that give me the short term happiness, and the long term food hangover after I've eaten. I try to eat more protein and a lot of leafy green vegetables.

I also try to plan things I enjoy so I'm hoping to go out with a friend Monday evening while Sophie is at swimming, (family home evening will be later), and then this weekend Gail is coming to save us from ourselves. Go to dinner, sew, watch movies while Steve is gone. By Friday I can happily be back on progesterone and it will be well in my system by the time Steve comes home on Monday.

So I've already given everyone in the household fair warning . . .(which also seems to head problems off at the pass).


Teo said...

Hi aunt Teri! You are so funny. I just found your blog which is very entertaining.

Teri Horn Booth said...

Glad I could entertain someone with the evil hormonies! Love Aunt Teri

Kay said...

Yes, very entertaining, but unfortunately true, yes? I so wish my husband understood about hormones, yet even after having a mother, a wife and four daughters he is has clueless as ever!