Monday, November 10, 2008

Yikes, I Thought I Was Over the Hysteria

I was under the erroneous impression that I was on the down hill slide of the whole menopause thing. Then suddenly the annoying hot flashes, and the somewhat uncontrollable hysteria is back. I'm sure the fact that the stock market has gone up and down and we are now living in a "new world" has nothing to do with it. On the upside I'm happily sitting in my new house, with the knowledge that I didn't lose my money in the stock market. No I spent it on my new house and taking a new saliva test, so I can legally beg my doctor for a new progesterone prescription. I would say I spent my money wisely, wouldn't you?


kaitlyn said...

i think you spent your money VERY wisely... we had no money to lose, so i am not worried about the stock market either ;)

i love how you have like four blogs, pretty impressive. thanks for the yw stuff, i think it will come in handy!

i loved reading your blog i think it is very insightful, way to take charge of your health! not many people are willing to do that

Kay said...